Everything You Need to Build Your Telemedicine Practice


Everything You Need to Build Your Telemedicine Practice

Give your patients the quality telehealth care they deserve, without having to visit in-person.

Disorganization Doesn’t Just Cost You Time, It Costs Money

As a healthcare provider, your ability to keep your virtual practice organized affects the level of care you can provide your patients. Inefficiency with telemedicine and online appointment booking behind the scenes can result in frustrated providers, frustrated patients, and a mess to deal with afterwards. But instead of continuing to suffer, there’s hope.

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Virtual Clinic

Your New Virtual Clinic – MYCURE Telehealth

Use the online practice management system tools that work best for you. Everything you need is here – and it’s FREE.

Increase your revenue

Treat more patients and reduce no-shows and cancellations with online consultations via secure video and voice calls.

Build your clientele

Build patient loyalty and accommodate patients outside of your physical work hours. It's easy for your old and new patients to set appointments with you.

Securing of medical records

Safekeep Important Medical Information

Your patients' medical records are securely stored and easy to retrieve in our system. We’ve taken the extra step of complying with international data privacy regulations to make sure your records on your online practice management system are kept safe.

Physicians and medical workers

Works for group practice

Easily coordinate with other physicians in your group practice and centralize your medical records in one comprehensive workspace.

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Healthcare Providers Trust MYCURE

MYCURE Telehealth is the latest generation in online practice management systems. Its intuitive interface makes is easy to use for everyone on staff – from the providers to the administrative team. Your team will be able to pull up your telemedicine patients’ medical records in a snap without wading through mountains of paperwork.

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Start Your MYCURE Telehealth Journey Today for Free

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Create your Free MYCURE Account

MYCURE is easy to sign up and easy to set up.

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Complete your Professional Profile

Introduce yourself to your patients in a modern way.

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Start Filing Electronic Medical Records

Make every day work more convenient.

Let Us Do the Work for You

Worrying about the shift to digital records? We’ve got you covered. We know it’s daunting to move your entire operations to a new system. Our lean implementation process ensures you get what you need: customized forms, optimized workflows, and well-trained staff. Our experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Worrying about the shift to digital records? We got you covered.

We understand that it may be difficult to change what you’re used to doing. That’s why we have happiness agents who’d love to guide you through each step via one-on-one training session.