An Advanced Clinic Management System for Dentists


An Advanced Clinic Management System for Dentists

Everything your dental clinic needs from appointments, billing, inventory, to charting.

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Don't Get Left Behind

MYCURE Dental offers a variety of clinic information system tools that you can mix and match to maximize efficiency for your dental clinic, without the costly overhead. Daily reports, digital records, and appointments can all be accessed in one clinic management system – instead of needing to keep track of multiple platforms on your office’s devices. You can even fill out prescriptions to submit to pharmacies.

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From your first sale to full scale.

MYCURE is designed to help you grow your practice.

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Always accessible dental charts.

Never miss an appointment.
Never miss a tooth.

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Straightforward and simple.

MYCURE Dental comes with its own chat feature, allowing everyone in your clinic to stay in touch on busy days. Office staff can ask questions about billing without having to interrupt while you’re with a patient, and you can communicate with other doctors at your practice quickly.

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Still a student?

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Charts and graphs

One view for multiple locations

All you need is one clean dashboard to see how your clinics are faring. Critical data from your multiple branches are beautifully compiled to show you a comprehensive summary of patient encounters, transactions, sales, expenses and even staff performance.

Online or Off, MYCURE Clinics Is Here for You

With the MYCURE Syncbase, you’ll be able to work as if you have an in-house server for your practice management system – with all the conveniences of the cloud. Even if the Internet is down, you can still create electronic health records on any of your devices, and they will automatically sync once you’re back online.

Benefits of Using MYCURE in Your Dental Clinic

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Full Service for Dentists Everywhere

Keeping meticulous records is vital to providing quality dental care. But as your practice thrives, your file cabinets will grow and grow, and you and your office staff will run the risk of misplacing important paperwork. Instead, use MYCURE Dental’s practice management system to digitize your patients’ records. You’ll be able to glance over electronic copies of complete health records – prior illnesses, vaccinations, and current medication – all in one place!

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Accessible Appointment Booking for Patients

Make booking appointments easy for your patients with MYCURE Booking. Having an app your patients can use to see your availability is one of the best ways to maximize efficiency in your patients’ busy lives. If your clinic has more than one dentist on staff, your patients will also see that they can make an appointment with someone else if you’re already booked for the day.

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Reach New Patients Through the MYCURE One Network

With your MYCURE profile, you’ll have a clean and professional website on the MYCURE One network that allows potential patients to find a dentist in their area and schedule an appointment.

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Start Your MYCURE Dental Journey Today for Free

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Create your Free Account

MYCURE is very easy to set up. No program installation needed since it’s a web-based application.

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Customize your Clinic

Utilize our range of modules and features that will tailor-fit your clinic operations and services.

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Get started!

Take advantage of our tutorials and training videos or book a virtual session with one of our specialists.

Use Modern Clinic Information System Tools to Boost Your Dental Clinic

At MYCURE, we know your clients’ experience is of the utmost importance to you. Top quality dental care is non-negotiable, and you need a clinic management system solution designed to support you. But in your search for the right solution for you, you’ve probably seen too many that are focused on the product, not the experience you and your clients have with it. MYCURE Dental is here to change the game.

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Worrying about the shift to digital records? We got you covered.

We understand that it may be difficult to change what you’re used to doing. That’s why we have happiness agents who’d love to guide you through each step via one-on-one training session.