Manage your Company Clinic with Ease

MYCURE for Corporate Clinics

Manage your Company Clinic with Ease

Custom built for corporate clinics, this management system provides useful analytics while being compliant on employees’ data privacy.

Problems of Not Using a Clinic Management System

Data privacy breach


With strict laws and heavy penalties on data privacy and security, storing and management of employee health records have to be compliant.

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Low Safety Monitoring

With the ‘new normal’ due to the pandemic, a robust health system would greatly complement HR’s processes on vaccine and testing tracking.

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Low Productivity

Having a health platform with analytics could provide helpful insights that can help in creating activities to boost productivity.

Newest tools for the newest generation.

Everyone in your workplace is online. MYCURE helps you monitor their health and safety conveniently through the cloud.

Online Health Records

Online Health Records

Medical Certificates

Medical Certificates

Annual Checkups

Annual Checkups

COVID-19 Test and Vaccine Tracker

COVID-19 Test and Vaccine Tracker

Know the health status of your employees, stat!

Easily access and share medical records with them through the MYCURE health portal.
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For Multi-Branch Facilities

One view for multiple locations

All you need is one clean dashboard to see how your clinics are faring. Critical data from your multiple branches are beautifully compiled to show you a comprehensive summary of patient encounters, transactions, sales, expenses and even staff performance.

Caring for people who care for people

MYCURE is dedicated to help healthcare providers save more lives each day.


Medical Records


Lives Saved


Partner Providers

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All these in 3 Simple Steps!

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Create an Account

This activates your Corporate Management System.

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Set up your Account

Customize your account based on your clinic’s needs.

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Serve and Save More

Start using the system to serve your employees better.

Using Modern Tools to Boost Your Practice

At MYCURE, we know that corporate clinics have their own special needs and requirements. You know that having a customized system to properly organize and secure employees’ health records is a high priority.

The problem is it’s hard to find such a clinic system that is specifically designed for companies. We believe that clinics like yours should never have to deal with this.

That’s why we've built MYCURE Corporate Clinic Management System so that you can focus more on your core business.

Let us do the work for you

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Worrying about the shift to digital records? We got you covered.

Get what you need—customized forms, optimized workflows, and well-trained staff. Our experts are here to guide you from training to winning.