Skin and Aesthetic Clinic Management System for a Flawless Experience

MYCURE for Skin Clinics

Skin and Aesthetic Clinic Management System for a Flawless Experience

Easy appointment, inventory management and secure client records and relationship management with analytics and reporting.

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Is Status and Quality Important to Your Clinic?

Don’t give a reason to lose to your competition. Complement your top notch skin services with a modern, robust and complete system.

Easy to implement. Easy to maintain.

MYCURE designed specialized solutions for skin and aesthetic clinics.

Digital Medical Records

Digital Medical Records

Smart Attachments

Smart Attachments



Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Works Offline

Works Offline

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Beautiful user experience

You won't feel like you are at work.
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Get more eyes on your brand

Join MYCURE ONE, a global online directory of modern healthcare practitioners and facilities where people anywhere can book appointments at any time.

Check iconAcquire patients beyond your reach
Check iconHassle-free from booking to billing
Check iconVirtual to physical accommodation
Charts and graphs

One view for multiple locations

All you need is one clean dashboard to see how your clinics are faring. Critical data from your multiple branches are beautifully compiled to show you a comprehensive summary of patient encounters, transactions, sales, expenses and even staff performance.

Enjoy the best of both worlds

MYCURE works online and offline

Work as if you have an in-house server with the convenience of the cloud. Create your medical records locally using multiple devices even if the internet is down! Once back online, it instantly syncs your data into the cloud.

Caring for people who care for people

MYCURE is dedicated to help healthcare providers save more lives each day.


Medical Records


Lives Saved


Partner Providers

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All these in 3 Simple Steps!

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Create an Account

This activates your Skin Management System.

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Set up your Account

Customize your account based on your clinic’s needs.

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Share your beautiful, free website so your patients can start booking.


Think Long-Term

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MYCURE is not just your ordinary medical app.

It’s a platform built for the healthcare ecosystem. You can connect and share files with clinics, diagnostic centers, hospitals, and other physicians within the MYCURE network. MYCURE has open APIs to give you more flexibility in integrating with other systems.

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As your practice grows, your tech tools need to upgrade too.

The great thing about starting with MYCURE is that you only need to upgrade once you need to. We’re here to make your practice so much easier to manage because you are a crucial part of healthcare. Together, let’s make this world a healthier place. 

Using Modern Tools to Boost Your Practice

At MYCURE, we know you are the kind of skin clinic that gives utmost importance to its clients. Providing the highest quality is non-negotiable both in the services provided and the tools you use. In order to be that way, you need a solution that also puts quality at its core.

The problem is it’s hard to find a provider that looks at its system not just as a service but as an experience. We believe that aesthetic clinics like yours should never have this choice.

That’s why we've built MYCURE Skin and Aesthetics Clinic Management System for those who value a flawless experience in their clinics like yours.

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Learn the basics with ease

Worrying about the shift to digital records? We got you covered. We have happiness agents who’d love to guide you through each step via one-on-one training session.