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Easy Booking App to Grow Your Practice

Let your patients book and schedule appointments efficiently

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The MYCURE Booking App Won’t Waste Your Time

Without an appointment booking system, healthcare providers find it difficult to organize patient visits resulting to missed opportunities and more time wasted.

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Benefits of MYCURE Booking for Health Providers and Clinics
MYCURE Booking is an end-to-end scheduling software solution for healthcare providers designed with the needs of their patients in mind. By staying organized and keeping your practice running smoothly, you’ll see a serious improvement in staff and patient morale. No more missing paperwork, no more long wait times. The MYCURE Booking app is your partner every step of the way.


MYCURE Booking is a scheduling app that can help you organize patients’ appointments that will keeping the waiting room in compliance of your local COVID-19 safety regulations.



Set your schedule in the software and your patients can book appointments on their own. And MYCURE Booking will send out appointment reminders automatically, saving you time.



MYCURE Booking can be used for virtual and in-person appointments at clinics, without needing to switch between different apps.

Activate your Appointment Scheduling Website

Patients can directly book their next visit on your professional booking page. It’s a digital hub where you can showcase your services and medical professionals like having your very own website.

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What Our Clients are Saying

MYCURE fulfills a long time need of physicians for accurate records of patients which they can carry with them wherever they are. It enables them also to prescribe and countercheck their prescriptions, issue medical certificate, communicate with other doctors for referrals. Patients could check and follow their medical progress, check their medications and look for doctors anywhere and set up appointments. I look forward to enjoying this app to improve my practice.

Dr. Nelson S. Abelardo


It's a great experience using MYCURE app in our rural setup. I've been through many EMR apps, but this one is the best so far. MYCURE provides a well organized patient data profiling with customized options for personalized encoding and with integration of lab tests, immunizations as well as growth charts that are very important for us as pediatricians for growth monitoring of our little ones. It is very convenient to use, simple, adaptable and user friendly even to my secretary.

Dr. Gay Cadorna-Toledo


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Watch how you can improve your patient attendance rate

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An Easy Booking App to Grow Your Practice
If you’re ready to modernize your appointment scheduling software with MYCURE Booking, getting started is easy.
Set up your page

Set up your page

Create your professional website and add your availability preferences.

Share your link

Share your link

Send your website URL to your family, network, and patients.

Get booked

Get booked

Patients pick a time and the consultation is added in your calendar

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Also available for Medium and Large-scale Facilities

MYCURE Booking can also be used for clinics, diagnostic centers, and hospitals to seamlessly organize your patient visits. It has APIs that can be integrated in your existing information systems.

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Create your own appointment scheduling website in less than 10 minutes.

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